The Mayan Calendar – Welcome to Evolution 2012

Thu, May 13, 2010

2012 Mayan Calendar

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25 Responses to “The Mayan Calendar – Welcome to Evolution 2012”

  1. md0206 Says:

    @bluesage3 If there is or no isn’t really relevant to us, as mere human creatures of flesh and bone. To think you know everything that exists and say there is no God makes you an ignorant ant.
    As for the fictional mass murdering freak ? You mean humankind I quess. Cause God long left this place and every harm we commit we commit upon our own kind. God has nothing to do with that, if he exists. Learn to think man.

  2. twelverainbow Says:

    @TheBalrogzH 2012 WAS? Now only 2010. So you came from the future?


    Wisdom is powerful state of mind which is usually found by setting your conscious free to seeing other point of views but there’s a lot of us that are blinded by stubborness

  4. md0206 Says:

    @bluesage3 I don’t have to be anything dumbass, your a moron for thinking GOD needs any religion. Read some Gandhi your religious freak.

  5. bostonredhead Says:

    The Myan two calendars were based on 260 days and 365 days respectively, the whole cycle would repeat itself every 52 Haab’ years exactly. This period was known as a Calendar Round. The end of the Calendar Round was a period of unrest and bad luck among the Maya, as they waited in expectation to see if the gods would grant them another cycle of 52 years.

  6. bostonredhead Says:

    [edit] Wayeb’
    The five nameless days at the end of the calendar, called Wayeb’, were thought to be a dangerous time. Foster (2002) writes, “During Wayeb, portals between the mortal realm and the Underworld dissolved. No boundaries prevented the ill-intending deities from causing disasters.” To ward off these evil spirits, the Maya had customs and rituals they practiced during Wayeb’. For example, people avoided leaving their houses and washing or combing their hair.

  7. steet2 Says:

    If the mayans could predict the end of the world, why couldn’t they predict their own demise at the hands of the spanish?

    They’re all lies, don’t buy into it.

  8. md0206 Says:

    @steet2 They didn’t see the Spanish as enemies, your knowledge is small, read something about it, they saw him as a God. When the Spanish saw how much gold treasures they had, they just recruited natives to fight for them. Which the Mayans didn’t expect I quess. As for the ending of the world doomsdag theory, plz stop talking shit about things this video isnt about an ending for the 10000x time, u fucking c u n t its about new cycles

  9. md0206 Says:

    @bostonredhead Interesting comment thanks

  10. md0206 Says:

    @bluesage3 If you don’t believe in God fine, you can believe anything you want in this existens, don’t be that pathetic to judge others about it.
    I’m not religious. I’m more of a spiritual kinda person, if you haven’t noticed. lol..
    Stop with the christian trolling also, or I delete all your comments, it’s clear you are a racsist hating, for some blind ignorant reason, christianity.
    We all know religion sucks when people try to talk with swords and sticks things go bad.

  11. md0206 Says:

    @seanyboy707 Yes Aquarius age, astrology wise.

  12. md0206 Says:

    @steet2 And for the rest, i’m sure they knew their demise was coming, when they saw the elite, well equipped raging 200.000 native warriors from all around the Peninsula before their City Gates, supported with Conquistadors,
    don’t you think big boy ? lol.

  13. grimbleahoy Says:

    Is this the sum total of prophesy on the calender? Has it predicted anything in the past by which we can verify it’s accuracy?
    Maybe I could take it more seriously if a historian found a dental appointment reminderfor King Pakal chiselled in there – way back when.

  14. MrHudchev Says:

    yes they do… they’re all keep in faith. so they did nothing…

  15. cchatttss Says:

    @steet2 they did know…

  16. cchatttss Says:

    watch drunvalo melchizedek – birth of a new humanity he’s done more work with the indiginous around the world then anybody, he’s the spokesperson for this 2012 stuff by a mile.

  17. jeancharlesviens Says:

    Yo ! Fruit ! I have it all figured out; think about it… 21 dec 2012 can’t you see a pattern ? Ok, 21st day of the 12th month in the 21st century, year 12. Now you see it !

  18. sublimeisdope Says:

    just read the celestine prophacy

  19. amanonthemarsz Says:


  20. amanonthemarsz Says:


  21. mega13raver Says:

    if you really want to know what 2012 is all about, type ‘ changing project video archive’ in google and take a look, it changed my way of life, greets

  22. RobJTV Says:

    Question..Did Man Make The Universe? So How Are You Gonna Believe Some Other MAN About When It’s Gonna End? MAN Can’t Even Predict When An Actual Tornado Will Happen So How Are They Gonna Predict When The World Will End lol? They Tell You A Tornado Hit AFTER It Happened lol. Why Couldn’t They Of Predicted All These Earthquakes Happening In Different Places, And Israel Becoming A Nation In 1948…Like The Bible Did

  23. 1jenniene Says:

    @sublimeisdope I read the Celastine prophacy tears ago, Its my bible, Im always buying the book for people, Amazing things started to happen while reading it and I believe its soo close to any truth about ,

  24. cayc1 Says:

    Great video man, if you want to see a movie that will blow your mind type into Youtube old world secrets the omega project codes

  25. md0206 Says:

    @cchatttss Thx i’ll look into it sounds interesting, this video was one of the first on youtube btw it was always this video who was at the top when searchin about 2012 or Mayan Calendar. Untill other people started making more videos about it.

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