The Incredible Power of Intent – Harness It Now

Mon, Jun 21, 2010


Harnessing the Power of Intent

“Setting your Intent to do your best in the life circumstances you came into and created is one of the quickest ways to liberation.”

Harnessing the power of Intent is one of the most effective strategies to help you accelerate in your growth path. Spiritual Mastery is a life that is in alignment with Intent. A life that is in alignment with Intent implies that your thoughts, feelings and actions are in harmony with your Intent. Intent is a strong energy that penetrates into all of Creation. It is discussed in various forms of religions as well as growth paths. For instance, the early Toltecs talked about the Intent of the Nagual. With Christianity, the Creator’s Intent is carried by the Holy Spirit. Through utilizing and aligning with the Intent, the force of Intent becomes available for us so we can enhance our individual growth and spiritual development.

Intent is made up of two elements: will and purpose. Will is an energy that comes from outside of the Dreamer or Soul. The whole of creation has will. For instance, each and every living creature has the will to live. Will is the gift that sustains our bodily functions – inhaling air, pumping blood and keeping itself healthy and balanced. Our body naturally carries this out without our intervention or interruption. With just the mind, it would be difficult to control all the functions that the body performs.

As human beings, all of us are also gifted with free will to make decisions or choices. Right after a particular point, healing, growing and spiritually evolving do not take place spontaneously. Each of us has to decide to attain them. We need to involve our will as well as our purpose and Intent to make these things possible.

Purpose is how you direct your will. For example, you can ask yourself, ‘What is the purpose, what do I wish to be or have happen? Combine purpose with will and you have Intent. Set your Intent and you will have dominion over self and your life. Then, hang onto your hat as your life transforms in amazing ways.


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