Signs of the End!

Fri, Apr 30, 2010

2012 Mayan Calendar

THIS VIDEO IS NOT INTENDED FOR CHILDREN. Solar & Mayan signs of the end of the age. The segment of the Mayan calendar is from the TimeLife ‘Lost Civilization’ series. NOAA’s just coming to it themsleves: Solar scientists at Boulder, Colorado have a new satellite to observe the temperature variations of the Sun to try to ascertain what predictions are saying about the Solar Cycle coming in 2012 – Click it If you’d like to know Who is controling the Cosmic Clock and how to be covered from the coming Solar events click here:

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25 Responses to “Signs of the End!”

  1. asaluci Says:

    @Anonymouzor I also heard it’s the 21st. But I prefer 23rd because 22nd is my birthday 😀

  2. Moonvie Says:

    @mulattoful – I mean the ark is here and I’m covered.

  3. Moonvie Says:

    @asaluci – Plus it gives you an extra day.

  4. Moonvie Says:

    @mulattoful – As it was in the days of Noah.

  5. TheLerom Says:

    @Moonvie covered with what?

  6. Moonvie Says:

    @TheLerom – The ark at thefirmament(.)org.

  7. zanystarblaster Says:

    yes, strange days indeed

  8. mat876 Says:

    3 earthquakes , 1 volcano and 1 meteor in america , all in 4 months , coincidence???????????? our earth is dying

  9. bitchboyobama Says:

    The end of days is near

  10. lizazoon Says:

    What childish irresponsible scare-mongering:The end has been predicted countless times since the dawn of humanity. How many failed predictions do people need to finally trash this nonsense.?

  11. 0871356005 Says:

    haha i love the deep voice at the end “will you be ready”

  12. 77pikeyplayer Says:

    I like the strong tone at the end: “Will you be ready?”

  13. Moonvie Says:

    @lizazoon – How many successful predictions are needed to finally trash all this worldly nonsense?

  14. sergeantRC Says:

    If this is true I consider myself extremely fortunate to be alive during this monumental upheaval. To get a front row seat to the termination of the most destructive universal parasite, humankind, is both an honor and a privilege.

  15. jacobbobcorn Says:

    i dont think it’s literally “the end”. but i do believe that a lot of people will die during that year. i hope and pray for the best of everyone

  16. TheFantasyElf Says:

    CooL can’t wait.. i’m gonna take some photos…

    Well, there is some thruth in it… You see… Earthquakes all over world and island volcano… what can’ that mean?

  17. friskydeadman Says:

    @Moonvie … one?

  18. TheMcNatz Says:

    We will see:) i’m not affraid.

  19. nighthawk5556 Says:

    You gotta wonder about some of this though. 2012 is suppose to be sun cycle number 24’s highest activity i believe. And scientists seem to think it’s gonna be big. People watching this should check out H.A.A.R.P. and see that we can IN FACT affect our own weather and ionosphere. Go Tesla

  20. greenpanther1990 Says:


  21. jeezus17 Says:

    good video. i like.

  22. fotistube Says:

    Hahahahaha! Whew.. Nice one lads! As if the mayan calendar should go on for 345 gazillion years in order for us to be assured for our life on earth… xD How stupid do they think we are… and how stupid are we really..?

  23. Moonvie Says:

    @TheMcNatz – Yes, we will see.

  24. Marhadi58 Says:

    @sergeantRC : hear! hear!… i’m with you.. i like your ” the termination of the most destructive universal parasite, humankind”…

  25. saman333333 Says:

    @fotistube ok kiddo stop trying to make urself feel better by saying its not gonna happen.

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