Mayan 2012 Prophecy

Fri, Apr 30, 2010

2012 Mayan Calendar

A Mayan elder gives a message of hope for 2012. Join our community at

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25 Responses to “Mayan 2012 Prophecy”

  1. devonk6969 Says:

    a baktun is a n old messumerment of years acording to the bible maby that means 12 something and 13 something

  2. snapamarcjon Says:

    Thx for Sharing Don Alejandro!
    Alle People interested in this topic look at my playlist 2012 and Mayan. Some Videos of the Mayan Shaman, Explanation of the mayan calenders and Summary of Ian Xel Lungold, and Carl Calleman’s Works on the “Long Count”. Please support the SHIFT!
    Peace to all

  3. ATLien333 Says:

    Hmmm the return of the Ancestors.. and the men of wisdom… Hmm wonder if they are talking about Aliens? I can’t wait to see what the year 2012 brings.

  4. SirLaker Says:

    Our Ancestors…men of wisdom…aliens…Jesus Christ 2nd coming. Think about it

  5. marymimi11 Says:

    His ‘Ancestors’ had nothing to do with aliens unless he is an alien and he says ‘men of wisdom’, not other beings or aliens. Also why would a Mayan calender ever reference Jesus Christ. Your reading what you want to believe.

  6. SirLaker Says:

    yes but perhaps they are all describing the same the same cosmic event.

  7. marymimi11 Says:

    I just finished a research paper on this topic and they are all describing the same event. The Bible, the Yi Jing graph, Nostradamus, Web Bot, and the Mayan all predicted a change on Earth based on the same planetary alignment in 2012.

  8. sonnydey Says:

    The year 2012 will not be the end of the world, people are still going to live.

    There maybe more events happening then now, but it’s not the end of the world.

  9. 1supermegatron Says:

    yes they are talking about ALIENS my friend …to be specific …the feathered serpent Quetzalcoatl ….they say he gave them knowledge about the planets in our solar system….AND THE UNIVERSE ….. they have tuns of infromation that we didnt even discover yet …nasa confirmed everything these guys say… im pretty sure its the same annunaki serpent that went to SUMERIA and thought them MAGIC

  10. prophismusic Says:

    Returning from the darkest most forgotten part of orbit in our galaxy, NOW!

  11. ayayay111 Says:

    might even be cannabis legalization i’m not bullshitting, it atleast makes ME a better thinker and philosofer…

  12. Auroraa94 Says:

    hehe…he said “men of wisdom” not “plant of wisdom” 😉

  13. SXTCPCPVX Says:

    what do you mean??

  14. SXTCPCPVX Says:

    look out for oct 28 2011 an aquaintance of this elder thinks that the mayan callander is about 14 months ahead of or gregorian callander, this may be false but look him up so you can decide weather you agree with him or not. he seams pretty strait forward, i dunno

  15. ATLien333 Says:

    @SXTCPCPVX Interesting October 28 2011 will be my 25th birthday..

  16. SXTCPCPVX Says:

    @ATLien333 really i got arrested on that date this year, i was wrong about our callander being behind i guess the translation has been misinterpereted or some shit? who fuckin cares, i was obsessed with oct 28th about 5-years ago after a dream i had, my girl was like shut the fuck up with that oct 28th shit, i was like…bitch

  17. carbilasion Says:

    the poeople have many probles to scared about this thing!

  18. BornOfMaya7 Says:

    Why does everyone use the Aztec calendar to talk about Mayan prophecies? I am Mexican and I have both the Aztec and Mayan calendars hung up on my walls in my house, and there is a big difference between the two.

  19. LuxorMedia Says:

    I didn’t see either in this video.

  20. rvmiv Says:

    Anthony Murphy of Mythical Ireland to speak at the conference at the Newgrange Lodge. In his talk, Brennan called for a revision of what he called the “doomsday scenario” surrounding December 21st 2012, the day on which the Maya long count calendar ends. Brennan, an expert on Maya glyphs and the author of ‘The Hidden Maya’, said there was nothing in the Maya writings about any doomsday, and said the world would continue on as it always had done.

  21. mx3g02 Says:

    so theres definitely gonna be solar flares, we know that, but is it gonna be heaveir than usual? cuase i dont believe all that crap. maybe they ended the calendar cause they didnt give a damn, you know considering they werent gonna be around anyway!!!! im sure if the shit was gonna hit the fan, they would have left note, or something, you know considering they were good at building things and all. so i guess we’ll have to sit and wait.

  22. itisaduck Says:

    I’m part native and don’t trust the Mayans 2012. None of them are smart enough to work for NASA. Via Bible Sir Isaac Newton, the scientist that explained how the cosmos works, created Calculus, etc., figured the end would be between 2034-2060. I figured? the end to be 2239 being the Hebrew year 6000, But if I’m wrong let me know so I can sleep in on the day of the end. I want to wake up to a bright new world, day one!

  23. Valdovinos017 Says:

    Some people just predicted that the world is gonna end in 2012 which it will not.
    I seen a lot of videos and correct me if I’m wrong but the mayan calender ends on december 21, 2012 correct? and according to what I watched, the Mayans were bad people and on the date that everything is gonna be better. But you never know 😉

  24. itisaduck Says:

    @Valdovinos017, All I know is I am ready to go and I am ready to stay and start over. Let’s see. for us, 2012 is a major election and things could turn for the better in and around Dec 21, 2012, but I’d bet the farm Dec 21 will just be 3 shopping days until Christmas and another celebration of the coming of Jesus our Savior… oh that is right he will save us no problemo! Seriously no sweat if you are a friend of jesus/God.! Love to all! Luego, Jim

  25. abdishtar Says:

    lol so true. I may not be mayan nor aztec, nor mexican, but I can tell the difference. The two were even from seperate lands. One from central Mexico, one from south mexico, yucatan, guatamela and belize

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