Witches, Sorcerers, Shamans and Men of Knowledge

Sun, Feb 15, 2009

Witches, Sorcerers, Shamans and Women and Men of Knowledge

Many pursuits are called spiritual. One can take many paths. There are paths of faith, such as religion. There are paths that use laws of nature and the Spirit world such as Witches and Shamans. Then there is the path of a Woman or Man of Knowledge. What is it that distinguishes Witches, Sorcerers, or Shamans from a Woman or Man of Knowledge? The difference is large and the destination is very different.

There are Toltecs that are Witches or Sorcerers. There are Toltecs that are Shamans. And, there are Toltecs that either are, or are becoming, Women and Men of Knowledge. There are also Toltecs that are all of these things. Briefly, a Witch or Sorcerer uses the laws of nature and sometimes allies to manipulate the people and the world around them. They can do this for ‘good’ or ‘bad’ intent. A Shaman uses the spirit and nature world to heal and work with the supernatural. A Man or Woman of Knowledge may also be a Witch, Sorcerer or Shaman, but their Intent is something entirely different. What is this Intent?

People come to a spiritual path for different reasons. Some come to escape from their pain. Others may be attracted to magic or expanded states of consciousness. There are a few others who are looking for something more. They are following a deep urge that comes from within. What is this urge?

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toltec nagual site, Chichen Itsa
The Sacred Pyramid of Chichen Itza

A Man or Woman of Knowledge is urged by their Dreamer, Higher Self or Soul to complete their Purpose (Unfulfilled Intent) for this lifetime and through the process grow and evolve.

Growth and evolution can be described, but cannot be known until one experiences them. The average person may have some concept of growth, but little of Self Evolution. Moreover, they have no real desire to grow and evolve. Evolving is a fundamental lifting of one’s state of being to a higher frequency. It is a raising of the platform Self resides upon.

One can be an excellent Witch, Sorcerer, or Shaman and not have a clue about growth and evolution. For most, growth and evolution are simply not part of their path. They do not yet have the urging from within. Others may have the urging but it is distorted by wounding and inventory. So, it doesn’t surface as motivation to embark on a path of growth and evolution.

Traditional naguals would often surround themselves by Witches and Sorcerers as they can assist the Nagual in performing certain tasks. However, just because they are part of the nagual’s party, doesn’t mean that they are Men or Women of Knowledge or focused on growth and evolution. Kalyn and I often say to each other that we need a good witch.

Having psychic powers or being connected to the Spirit world has nothing to do with one’s level of being. A higher level of being requires growth and evolution. This is a common point of confusion for many. They believe that if a person is psychic, they must be spiritually evolved. This is simply not the case.

Becoming a Woman or Man of Knowledge requires one to grow and evolve. What Toltecs call ‘seeing’, the ability to sense and negotiate worlds of energy and so on, are by-products of growth and evolution. A Man or Woman of Knowledge will have these abilities. However, having these abilities does not mean that one is a Man or Woman of Knowledge. It is like logic 101. If all of A are B, it doesn’t mean that all of B are A. If all oranges are fruit, it doesn’t mean all fruit are oranges. In other words, just because Men or Women of Knowledge can ‘see’, doesn’t mean that if one ‘sees’ they are a Man or Woman of Knowledge.

A true spiritual path is about growth and evolution – raising one’s level of being. A pre-requisite to a spiritual path is healing and clearing out inventory. If you wish to become a Woman or Man of Knowledge, you must evolve. To evolve you must complete your growth cycles. Following the woo woo is the Path of High Adventure, which ultimately leads to being separate from Who and What you truly are. A Woman or Man of Knowledge chooses the Path of Ultimate Freedom, which brings you home.

2 Responses to “Witches, Sorcerers, Shamans and Men of Knowledge”

  1. ords44 Says:

    I enjoyed this article – even though it’s like just dipping your toe into the water, there is much more depth, or much more to be learned, I don’t know if (your dreamer) or dreaming body is covered more in this web site, but to me it is a very important part of the path to knowledge,and new comers to the path could be well served by more knowledge in this area. all in all I think this website is fantastic & the mere fact that it is here supports the fact of spirtual evolution.
    Peace & prosperity ~Ords44~

  2. soulrations Says:

    You might want to take a moment to make this same clarification on wikipedia where the bias seems more slanted against the Toltec Nagual as the shape shifting witches. Then again, that might be too much ‘assuming’ and ‘taking it personal’ on my part. The hard part for religious literalism that still drives a lot of fundamentalist culture is that it seems to reject the positives since they are associated with what other dreamers see as delusion. Admitting we are all deluded is really hard.

    On another note, I could not help but have Luke and Darth Vadar come to my mind as you talked about the separation of mystical, magical power from intent and knowledge. I know it seems cliche, but it is an accepted popular example of how supernatural power, if you accept its existence, is completely separate from knowledge, wisdom and enlightenment. Most every religion out there accuses the other of deriving their supernatural, mystical power from the dark, and evil sources while their own is divine.

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