Nagual Series V

Sun, Feb 15, 2009

The Flow of Gender in Energy

My inner nagual gave the following to my wife. It has helped her develop her ability to ‘see’ and intuit her inner world and outer world so I thought I would share it here.

Knowing how to work with energy is essential on the path of the warrior. When working with energy you are using either a masculine flow or a feminine flow; or a combination of the two. When we are working with energy we are working with our left side, the side the nagual flows through. Mastering the laws of the nagual accelerates our growth and gives us abilities and tools necessary to live life both in the known and the unknown.

To perceive anything deeply, beyond its face value we must be able to use both the masculine and feminine flows of energy. The gender flows of energy are deceivingly simple, yet they are very powerful. Simply put masculine energy flow is assertive, feminine flow is receptive. To give an example of how the flow works, say you are looking at a houseplant. It hasn’t been growing well and you are wondering why. First you use the masculine flow of energy, the assertive flow, to move your energy out to the plant and focus on it. Many people stop here. They use the masculine flow to focus upon something, whether in your inner world or outer world, and then say “I’m not getting anything”, or worse yet they project out (also masculine) what they think they should be getting and convince themselves they ‘got’ it.

After using the masculine, assertive energy flow you MUST switch and use the feminine energy flow by becoming receptive, open and empty. You let what ever you are focusing on come to you. You DO NOT pull it to you, as this is masculine. You let it open to you. In the case of the houseplant, after you focus upon the plant using masculine flow, you switch to feminine and let the energy (which in this case is light, all light contains intelligence) of the plant open to you. You may have thought (a projection) that the plant needed more sun light but by becoming receptive to the plant it ‘told’ you that it was getting too much water. This is how herbology originally came about. The medicine men and women would go out into the woods and open to the plants and fungi. They would then ‘see’ their medicinal properties.

I use this same process when my inner nagual speaks to me. I first focus on the sensation of my nagual (masculine), then, I open, become receptive (feminine) and let my nagual come to me. My wife does this with her dreams. She is an incredible stalker. Every night she wakes to write her dreams down. In the morning she spends an hour every day writing and going over her dreams. At times she would have difficulty understanding what the dream was telling her, and what the significance of the symbols in her dreams were. She realized that while she was using her masculine energy well (writing out, focusing upon) she wasn’t using her feminine energy (opening to and becoming receptive to her dreams). When she didn’t get what her dream was telling her she would try even harder to understand, which put her even further into a masculine energy flow. When she realized this she was able to let go of the trying so hard and became feminine. Then the dreams opened up to her naturally.

There has been mention of art on this forum and there are several artists here. Art is an excellent way of employing both masculine and feminine energy flows. It is particularly good for those who have difficulty with the feminine flow. Masculine flow is dominant, particularly in our modern western society. We are taught that Masculine is superior. Many of us are afraid of our feminine energy flow. This is true whether you have a physical male or female body. We are domesticated into thinking that feminine energy flow is weak. The reason why technology has become so destructive to life is because it is void of feminine energy. If technology were balanced with both masculine and feminine energy it would truly be the magical manifestation of mankind it is meant to be. Back to art, if you are painting or composing music, for example, you must first access that creative side of yourself (masculine flow) and then open and become receptive to it (feminine flow), and then express it (masculine flow) and so on.

I will end with an exercise to help develop and balance our masculine and feminine energy flow. Softly play some pleasant music on your stereo. Sit down a few feet from the speakers and relax. Now, go out to the sound of the music (masculine), then release the process. Again go out to the sound of the music, hold for a few moments, then release. Do this several times until you can sense your energy going out to the music.

Now, open and let the music come to you (feminine). Then release the process. Again, open, become receptive and let the music come to you. Be careful not to pull the music to you. Do this several times until you can sense the receptive energy flow.

Note which flow was easiest, masculine or feminine.

Now go out to the music (masculine), then switch and let the music come to you (feminine). Repeat this several times until you can switch back and forth easily. Then begin to pick up the pace masculine-feminine-masculine-feminine. Be careful not to begin pulling the energy on the feminine flow.

This exercise will develop your masculine and feminine flows. You use these flows for everything. The warrior is a master of perception. To truly perceive he must be able to use both the masculine and feminine flow of energy. When you look at something it is masculine. When you see something it is feminine. When you listen to someone it is masculine, when you hear someone it is feminine. To travel out into other worlds is masculine. To sense and understand other worlds is feminine.

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