Nagual Series IV

Sun, Feb 15, 2009

The Laws of the Tonal and the Laws of the Nagual

A warrior must be adept at working the laws of both the tonal (form) and the nagual (energy). The riddle here is that the laws of form contradict the laws of energy. The laws contradict but are not in opposition. To manifest that which we desire in our life we must be able to use both the laws of energy and the laws of form.

What is form? It is solidified, coagulated energy. It is the reflection of the nagual in structure. It is the world of doing. When you ask yourself, what can I DO to get the result I want, you are dealing with the world of form. Doing work in your outer world is working in the world of form. Doing work in our inner world is working in the world of energy.

The world of unstructured energy is a world of sensation. It is the world of being. Developing the ability to sense energy is an essential first step of a warrior. When speaking of sensation I am not referring to the 5 senses. Unfortunately in the English language there is not a good word for perceiving the sensation of energy so this word will have to do. Part of �seeing� involves perceiving the sensation of energy. The nagual gives us energy essences such as peace, abundance, and so on. The are essences that exist in the nagual in unstructured energy. With practice a warrior can sense these essences. They each have a distinct sensation. One secret to manifesting is the process of bringing the pure sensation of an essence into form. I will not go into the details of this process here, as the topic of this post is different. But I will say that to manifest you must first find the sensation of the unstructured energy essence, hold onto that sensation through attention and focus, let the sensation create an image and thoughts (mental body), then let the sensation create a feeling (emotional body) and then a physical action in your inner world (physical body).

Coming back to the laws of energy and the laws of form remember that the laws are opposite. For example in the world of energy like attracts like. However in the world of form like repels like (example the same poles of two magnets repel each other). Knowing how these laws work in both form and energy we can, for example, manifest what we want twice as fast as we would if we were only to use the laws of form or the laws of energy.

As an example I will use manifesting money. First (1st step) we will work in the world of energy (nagual). Remember that all form (tonal) comes from energy first. In the world of energy like attracts like. The source of money (which is form) in the world of the nagual is the essence of abundance. Therefore, in order to manifest more money we must use the essence of abundance to attract like, which is more abundance. This requires inner world work to move the energy of our inner world from lack to abundance. We can do this by changing the frequency of our beliefs and thoughts from lack to abundance. We can go out into nature and sense the unlimited abundance in nature until we can grasp and hold onto the sensation of abundance. Then we ALIGN our inner world to abundance.

At the same time we work in the world of form or doing (2nd step). In the world of form like repels like and opposites attract. Therefore if we want to come out of lack we must first repel it. We must become and do lack. We go on a budget. We watch our money. We save. We don�t fight lack, we absolutely accept it. This brings fear in some and we resist it. But it is the first step using the laws of form. We must repel lack. Accept lack in your outer world, the world of form and you will repel lack.

The third step is to bring the nagual into the tonal, or to bring what your unstructured energy into structured energy or form. At this point you cross over from lack to abundance. You release your budget. You begin giving money such as tithing or charity. You let the abundance of your nagual flow into your outer world.

By doing these 3 steps we have effectively used both the laws of the nagual and the laws of the tonal together to double our effectiveness.

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