Nagual Series III

Sun, Feb 15, 2009

Living From Your Depth

In the previous two Nagual Series I have spoken about how to manifest your inner nagual in your life, and, the importance of alignment in doing so. Remember, what makes a Nagual a man of power is that he has his tonal fully aligned to his inner nagual, so that his nagual can flow through him and express in his life.

In order to align our tonal to our nagual we must have some access to our nagual. In this post I intend to discuss one way to access your nagual – living from your depth.

Your nagual resides deep within you. Most people live on their surface selves and are not in contact with the nagual that resides within. A warrior lives his/her life from their depth. One easy way to live from your depth is just to SLOW DOWN. A warrior moves deliberately with intent. You do not see a warrior rushing around doing this and that like a busy bee. A warrior moves like a Jaguar, slowly but deliberately stalking his prey, which in this case is one’s personality self or tonal.

Stopping thoughts and stopping the world are also powerful techniques to move into the depth of self. There are many meditation techniques that are also excellent tools for moving deeper. Pondering is also excellent. The depth of self is where our truth and guidance resides.
Many are resistant to moving deep into self as in doing so we run into our shit – our pains, patterns, and wounds that need to be healed. As we move deeper into self it looks like this;

Surface self —> wounds —> nagual

Our nagual resides deeper than our personality wounds. To move into our nagual we must move through our wounds. The implications of this are obvious. You cannot live from the realm of your nagual until you have healed and processed your wounds. This is why it is said that true spiritual evolution cannot even begin until we have matured and completed our personal growth and healing.

Most never make it through their personal growth. Others try to avoid the pain of personal growth and attempt to skip it all together to go directly to their spiritual evolution. It doesn’t work. Life will clobber you on the head and you will crash and burn. This is what happened to me and to some on this forum. It is like trying to skip the years of discipline and training and just jumping in to hunt the lion bare handed.

In this post I have discussed one way to access your nagual – living from your depth. In a future post I will discuss in more detail the process of aligning your tonal to your nagual and an effective way of stalking yourself.

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