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Sun, Feb 15, 2009

Free Will? We Create Our Own Reality? – NOT

“Our nagual creates the major themes in our life. It is up to us to fill in the details.”

The subject of free will has come up recently on the forum. It’s time to look at it and some other baby metaphysical concepts such as ‘we create our own reality’.

We have no free will, nor do we create our own reality. These were concepts that became popular during the 70’s and 80’s among ‘new agers’ and they now have become beliefs established in the dream of mass consciousness. They were necessary to bring about the realization that we are responsible for our thoughts, feelings, and actions. It is not a savior outside of ourselves that will absolve us of all of our sins. We alone are responsible for our own salvation.

But it is time to graduate from baby metaphysics and realize that we do not create our reality, nor do we really have free will. Many on this board have come to this realization already, or have sincerely questioned these new age beliefs.

On the other hand it is equally incorrect to say that all of our life is predetermined, that we have no choice in life, or that we are chosen for a pre-determined destiny that we will fulfill whether we like it or not. It is incorrect to say that all of what happens in our life happens for a reason. This is more baby metaphysics. The fact is that most of the events in an average man’s life occur accidentally.

Philosophers would call this a paradox. But a Toltec sees no contradiction here. Paradoxes are for the mental body. When one begins to ‘see’, paradoxes fall away into knowingness.

Our nagual aspect is the unstructured part of ourselves. It is UNLIMITED. Our destiny and major themes of our life are set up by our nagual. Our tonal is our personality aspect, which consists of our mental, emotional and physical bodies, is our structured aspect. Our personality contains our POTENTIAL. If we fully align our tonal to our nagual we have UNLIMITED POTENTIAL.

We have absolutely no control over our nagual. Our nagual is much, much bigger and many times more powerful than we are. As organic beings we identify with our tonal, our personality self (mental, emotional and physical bodies). The average human has no awareness at all of their nagual. They only know their tonal, and actually know very little about that.

Mexican Spanish has a word, mitote, which was originally a Toltec word meaning chaos and disorder. It was originally used to describe a market place where you have a thousand people talking to each other at the same time and nobody understands each other. The Toltecs use the word mitote to describe the average person’s mind. Our tonal actually consists of a thousand different I’s each contradicting each other. We have many buffers in our personality that blind us to our contradictions. Each of these I’s have different desires, different wills and depending on which particular I we are identified with in the moment, we will make decisions and take actions that may be totally contradictory to another moment when another one of the I’s in our chaotic market place.

This is the average state of the human. It is a very difficult place to be in. From this state it is impossible to sense or to be aware of our nagual aspect. It vibrates way too high. The only way out is to muster up as much intent as we can to begin to get some of our thousands of I’s to align up.

Ultimately we want all of these subpersonalities to align to our nagual. But as it is near impossible to know our nagual when living in Chaos we must first align them to something outside of ourselves. We may align them to a teacher or nagual. Or we may begin to align our-selves to books and other teachings that ring true to us. One by one we must rigorously stalk the I’s in our tonal, processing them while bringing down our buffers. This is very difficult as it requires brute honesty with our-selves, all aspects of our-selves.

This can take a lifetime for some. But until we are able to process and heal our personality selves to a degree where we have a sufficient ‘mass’ of subpersonalities in alignment, we do not have enough personal power to access our nagual. And true growth only begins when we are working directly with our nagual.

Returning to free will and creating our reality, we can see that in a state of chaos with so many contractions in ourselves we are virtually powerless. In this state there is no way we can truly create our reality. We only fool ourselves into believing we can. It is very easy to fool ourselves when we have so many buffers in ourselves that blind us from ourselves. In this state of chaos what we choose and what we will is solely dependent on what particular subpersonality we are identifying with in the moment. More often than not, which subpersonality is manifesting through ourselves is determined by some thing or event outside of ourselves. This is not free will. The average man lives by the law of accident, not the law of destiny.

When we align ourselves to our nagual we are then able to manifest the nagual in our lives. We are aligned to and fulfill our destiny. Living naguals are very powerful as they are in alignment with their nagual aspect. Their tonal is aligned to their nagual. In some paths this state is called self-realization. The personality self is fully realized (aligned to) the higher self.

Many want to skip dealing with their personality selves and go directly to the nagual. They want to believe that a warrior’s life is something different than their own. I personally am guilty of this. I wanted to have out of bodies, run energy, dream and have all the oohs and ahs. I got to be pretty efficient at doing these things. I didn’t want to deal with my personality self and had convinced myself that ‘only other people have problems, I was above that stuff’. But you can only go so far running high frequencies of energy without working on your tonal. Power will eventually come and knock you on your ass. It knocked me down so low that I was suicidal for over a year. For more than 3 years I was in more pain than I could have ever imagined was possible, and I was totally powerless. It was a very ugly place to be in.

But now my life is very different. I still remember those painful years. And I can recall my life prior to that. But when I finally made it out the other side I stepped into a new probability that I could have never imagined existed. This evening when running my nagual opened and spoke to me the entire time I was running. Normally, when running I open to my nagual and I get glimpses and flashes of knowingness on how to live my life. But tonight, my nagual opened to me and was in a very talkative mood 😉

To finish three quickies . . .

* Eventually you will get to the place where your teacher is your own nagual aspect. It is not a book or someone outside of you. Then when you speak to others of your path you will have true origin-ality. The origin of your knowledge comes from your origin, your nagual.

* The word impeccable means ‘without sin’. Sin is defined as a ‘transgression against God.’ As God is unknowable we are left with our nagual aspect. I would define sin as a ‘transgression against our nagual aspect.’ To be impeccable means to be without sin or to be in alignment with our nagual.

* For humans truth is not absolute. It is relative to our level of growth. Truth has a purpose for that particular level of growth. Often the purpose behind the truth is more important than the truth itself. Example – the purpose of instilling the belief/truth that ‘we create our own reality’ was to make people aware that they are responsible for their growth and their lives(not a savior or God outside of themselves). A more accurate truth is that we don’t create our own reality, our destiny has already been created by our nagual. But, to realise our destiny we must align our tonal to our nagual. Only we can do this. Our nagual will not do it for us. Again, the purpose of this truth is the same as the first truth – we are responsible for our growth, no one else, no other entity outside of ourself, we are responsible. Whichever ‘truth’ you believe, the purpose is the same, only you are responsible for your growth, your life. Eventually you will get to the point where you have no beliefs/truths. You will not need them. For you will know your purpose.

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