Nagual Series I

Sun, Feb 15, 2009

How to Live as a Nagual, or Manifesting the Nagual in Your Life

So many get lost in this technique or that technique forgetting that the key to transformation is in the impeccable LIVING of life. How does a nagual do it? In one sentence ‘a nagual ALIGNS his personality self to the nagual aspect of himself and LIVES his life in accordance to this which ultimately manifests in a life (tonal) that is in alignment with his nagual aspect.

What is impeccable living? It is living in alignment to the nagual aspect. It is making decisions and most importantly taking actions that are in accord with one’s nagual. When speaking of one’s nagual here I am speaking not about a Nagual, a person outside of oneself, I am speaking about the nagual aspect of self. Here is a diagram;

Nagual –> self(personality) –> living –> life (tonal)

In manifesting most people do it backwards. They take the small desires of the personality and try to change their nagual aspect to fit these desires. They then live their lives in accordance to their personality self, hoping that this will manifest in their life. This ultimately leads to more suffering and frustration as they became increasingly more separated from their nagual aspect and they have no sense of purpose or fulfillment in life.

The key is to FIRST go to the nagual aspect of self, then align, align, align the personality self to the nagual aspect so that your thoughts, feelings and actions are in accordance to your nagual. Then live your life as an impeccable warrior which means you must LIVE your life in accordance to the nagual. By doing this the nagual will manifest into the tonal, your life.

By now some readers will be asking a very important question, ‘how do we go to and tune into the nagual aspect of ourselves?’ This will be a subject of another post. Many here are already in one degree or another in tune with their nagual. The many techniques both in the Toltec tradition and other spiritual traditions lead to an opening into one’s nagual. Stopping the world, moving into the 2nd attention, meditation, recapitulation, and simply slowing down and pondering are examples. One method I have found to be very powerful is what I call tuning into ones deep urges, which I will elaborate on in another post.

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