Nagual and The Tonal

Mon, Jun 8, 2009

The Sacred Site of Ek Balam

The Toltecs look at creation as consisting of the Nagual and the tonal. The Nagual is all that is. It is unstructured. The Nagual condenses and the tonal is formed. The tonal is structured energy. The average person only perceive the tonal. As we move into the world of energy we enter, what is referred to by the Toltecs as the Second Attention.

The Second Attention is the world of energy. As all form comes from energy there are many benefits gained from the ability to negotiate and maneuver in the Second Attention. The Second attention is not bound by space and time. When in the Second Attention we are able to “see” events before they come into manifestation. We can “see” patterns of energy before they manifest into form.

To perceive energy we must raise our frequency. To raise our frequency we must begin by cleaning, clearing, healing and strengthening the human tonal, or the our bodies of structure. The human tonal consists of three bodies, the mental body, the emotional body and the physical body. Each body of structure in the human has a specific purpose and function. It is important that each body function properly or there is dysfunction in the human system. A dysfunctional tonal blocks our ability to perceive the Nagual and the Second Attention, or at best any perception we have is perverted.

Mask at Chichen Itsa

As we progress we work with both our Nagual (unstructured) and tonal (structured) aspects of self. Too many want to go directly to the Nagual without doing the work necessary with the tonal. Working with the Nagual and the world of energy is fun, but without the foundation of the tonal we will end at a dead end, or in the worse case in fantasy. When a warrior has succumb to fantasy they are, in many cases, impossible to rehabilitate. It is best to lay a strong foundation in the tonal.

Too many people focus on the words and only add to what Toltecs refer to as their inventory. This major detour creates a false perception that one is advancing on the path, when in fact they are only making it more difficult for themselves to make any real movement. This website offers pathways so the sincere aspirant may have a better chance of avoiding wrong turns.

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