Don Miguel Ruiz – The Fifth Agreement “Help Me Change The World”

Wed, Jan 27, 2010

The Four Agreements, Toltec Path

Don Miguel Ruiz, The Four Agreements, Marries K2 at TeotihucanKalyn and I have been traveling Mexico the past month. The trip has been magical, full of many synchronicities and messages from Spirit. Arriving at our hotel in Guadalahara, our daughter wanted to watch a cartoon. I switched on the television and up popped a Mexican talk show host interviewing don Miguel Ruiz. Don Miguel is author of The Four Agreements (Los Quatro Acuardos in Spanish), and now The Fifth Agreement.

Kalyn and I worked with don Miguel in private homes in Los Angeles before he was well known. We also studied with his mother, Sarita. We were certified as teachers by don Miguel. Don Miguel, a Toltec Nagual, carries the essence of the energy of love. It was always a wonderful experience being in his presence. The Four Agreements are powerful in their simplicity. It has been more than ten years since we founded The Toltec Mystery School. Since then hundreds of students have taken our online Mastery of Awareness course and moved into the higher levels of the School and Toltec Path, such as the Mastery of Transformation and Mastery of Intent.

Don Miguel says, “The goal of changing the world is finding an equilibrium between generosity and gratitude – which is an expression of real love.” He goes further by saying that the earth is a living being and we humans are part of the organism of the earth and as such we change the world through our energy. The way we affect energy is through awareness. So, as we move deeper into love in our energy, thoughts, feelings, words and deeds, we impact our mother, the earth, in a positive way.

Toltecs say you are dreamed by the Dreamer, and your life is the dream. I encourage you to dream large, to nuture your dream, to infuse your dream with love. Not only will you experience the Ultimate Freedom, you will be doing your part to change the world in a positive way…truly a win win for you, humanity and the world.


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