2012 Pole Shift – Mayan and I Ching prediction

Tue, May 18, 2010

2012 Mayan Calendar

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25 Responses to “2012 Pole Shift – Mayan and I Ching prediction”

  1. Ilike2eatbabies Says:

    google nasa 2012 and click on the first link. there are many theories about 2012 this being one of them and nasa pretty much says there all untrue

  2. aiiKaramBa Says:

    i dun wanna die man !

  3. mrteaKup Says:

    @Ilike2eatbabies how can you trst nasa, its american government controlled, and as my friend says, the most unreliable organisation yet

  4. JohnWeskar Says:

    NO!!! I DONT WANNA DIE !!! T_T!!! Q_Q

  5. livingtonu Says:

    let me point out some things the these doomsday theriest convently leaves out. Okay 2012 on the mayan calander does not specficly state the end of the world. These are just guesses. These are real fact that I am putting out from know on. The temples in which the mayan clander is based on there religon there is a reason why it stops at 2012

  6. livingtonu Says:

    It is not the end of the world or when the Annuki will invade the planet. But it is a renewl of the world it symbolyizes great change. Basicly the return to the stars. The mayans like the aztecs the egypatins and every other major religon of that time belived that we came from stars on star to be specfic Cryus 7 in which the scientist call it today. According to NASSA that all of are plannets of our solar system will be perfectly inlined with that Star which is in the milkyway galxy

  7. livingtonu Says:

    The Mayans thought that there was some kind belvent meaning behind that as if we will return to the heavans on that date not be destroyed but have better way of thinking and understanding of ourselfs. P.S I know that have some misspelled words please forgive me. But that basicly the meaning of 2012. Dont be fooled by these doomsday theries. I hope that helps people.

  8. xXxDarkAngel06xXx Says:

    the mayans predict even there own extinction!
    merely coincidence? i think not…
    Lets see 2012!

  9. htluong Says:

    there are some in the mayan culture who have the gift, the ability to see into the future, like cassandra.

  10. htluong Says:

    precognition is not limited to one specific race on earth.

  11. odinheim Says:

    @htluong well what to do before the end of the world ?

  12. damienfeb01 Says:

    @odinheim I raid the cigar shop and liquor store and smoke and drink until the end.

  13. parkorocko Says:

    wow interesting

  14. bradlang1942 Says:

    I tell you what. I bet anyone £10000 that this is not going to happen haha

  15. odinheim Says:

    @damienfeb01 well that does not sound a good idea , I think the spirituality is the key

  16. damienfeb01 Says:

    @odinheim God loves all his creations. Plus in the bible it state “that which goes into a man does not defile him, that of which comes out does.” When the rapture comes (although I’m sure 2012 is not the date) we’ll be all accepted into the kingdom of heaven regardless of creed.

  17. gerardoqs Says:

    I think something is happening , last year 2009 a lot of places broke cold records worldwide with snowstorms (Europe, USA,China), etc , now are the earthquakes worldwide (Haiti,Chile,China,Spain,Turkey,Mexico), volcanoes like the iceland volcano that made europe to cancel a lot of flights , WHATS NEXT? I think that if this is true we have seen nothing :S

  18. odinheim Says:

    @damienfeb01 Whatever the date is to find the real truth the ultimate answer to everything , some believe that humans will become gods , transform to higher levels of real understanding, no fear any more , no need for suffering , no evil

  19. xia0dai97 Says:

    21-21-2012 pigs will fly lol

  20. damienfeb01 Says:

    @xia0dai97 Holy shit gotta get my pig net out.

  21. troop4five Says:

    The Mayans predicted different eras (from Cellular being first to Universal being last) The Cellular starts about 15billion years ago. Very accurate. The Universal period starts at the end of 2011 (known to everyone as 2012). During each period there are 3 “stages” Which happen on the 3rd day, 5th day, and 7th day.The days are just refering to stages within the stages. The 5th day somthing bad happens.. In previous more recent eras, world war 2, the Roman Empire Fall, and most recently the

  22. troop4five Says:

    economic crisis has occured. The last era started in 1999. The start of the (i dont remember the name) era. Where technology advance at a rapid rate. The 5th day is thought to be the start of the economic downfall. The 7th day will be from May to December of 2011. At the end of that period the Universal period willl start. Known as “2012” it iis not the END, but the BEGINING of the new era. But the Mayans stopped here… after the three stages of the universal period “2012” theres nothing

  23. troop4five Says:

    else documented. It stops. Some have a theory that the Mayans believed that this is when humans have developed as much as possible, and there is no further development to be gained. This would not suggest the end, but the begining of the peak of human life. Whats very interesting is that each period gets shorter as the periods move on. Like i mentioned, there are 9eras. The one starting in 2012 being that last documented era… The first era was billions of years long. The most recent era

  24. troop4five Says:

    (the one begining in 1999) only lasted from 1999-2012. And during each era human development occurs. this era that we are in now is the advancement of technology. Nobody knows what will develop in 2012. Some think the mind will develop. and will become MUCH more philisophical over 1 or 2 generations. But nobody knows. 2012 isnt the end of the earth. Just the last documented era of civilization….

  25. zombieahh Says:

    it makes sense when u watch this video

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