2012 Mayan Doomsday Prediction

Mon, May 10, 2010

2012 Mayan Calendar

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25 Responses to “2012 Mayan Doomsday Prediction”

  1. astrologyforbusiness Says:

    Have we humans learned anything? I do not think so. We are still greedy, selfish, dishonest, unhelpful, unhearted, unloved, lack of care. The world is so consumed with GREED, they sell their soul for money, When was the last time you see Donald Trump, Bill Gates, or Oprah go out and give back 50 percent of what they have received from God. I do not mean as a tax write off. When New Orleans went under water.

  2. timrocket007 Says:


    if chuck norris was standing in the epicentre we will be saved

  3. JoShIeZZ91478 Says:

    when we DONT die on the 21st of december we will die on the 5th of april 2015 xD

  4. soeasypls Says:

    Fact The Government in order to prevent mass hysteria,civil unrest etc will never tell the public of any major impending catastrophe There top priority? is to make sure an acting Government infrastructure survives a catastrophe to start a new society civilians are expendable pawns

  5. turkeymannen Says:

    if doomsday is at december 21 im gonna miss my 18th birthday by a few days xC

  6. 1098kicksass Says:

    oh my… dude, really ??!! ‘The mandate of Heaven’ ? Seriously ?

  7. BooteyMasta Says:

    Godzilla, Mothra and Chuck Norris will team up to destroy any threat, so just relax and get me a beer.

  8. andydavis1010 Says:

    this is a bunch of bull crap nobody knows when the earth is goin to die they could of even messed up readin the claender

  9. buttpicker247 Says:


  10. lukejsoren Says:

    if nibiru comes every 3600 years that means the world will survive because we have stuctures still standing that are older than that!

  11. Highway420Music Says:

    Politics, money, war, death, religion, freedom, 420, 9/11, 2012, Planet X, what? huh?
    Maybe it’ll come together for you in my new music video, maybe not.
    You tell me. The video will be my comment.
    To see it for yourself, click on my user name or search youtube for

    “The Urban Legend of Planet X”

    Please leave a comment.
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    Thanks for allowing me to post
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  12. rah93s Says:

    This is a complete bullshit…….. helllo who ever came up with this rubbish idead,,, get a life…

  13. PhysiologicAli Says:

    Chuck Norris will kick the asteroid back in space.

  14. rubzzbur Says:

    @turkeymannen lol man..sorry to hear that..will want to greet you in advance ok? happy beerday 😀

  15. turkeymannen Says:

    @rubzzbur ty m8! 😛

  16. pppiiieee33 Says:

    wouldnt you get tired of making calendars after 2011 of them???

  17. Thuglord79 Says:

    Everything is just a myth. Why would a couple of natives know the exact date. It’s just ridiculous to even believe such a thing. My calendar ends every year December 31

  18. mentalrock Says:

    do you people ever wonder that maybe they mayans got bored at making calendars. Maybe on the 2012 calendar one person said “why are we doing this” and that’s why they stopped.

  19. gentlebrit Says:

    The mayans never predicted the end of the world…hello, knock knock anyone in? Check out Penn and Tellers 2012 take on it, you will laught ya tits off.

  20. hideHYDEimcoming Says:

    mental rock that made me laaaaugh my buttocks off!!!!!!!!

  21. infinitty88 Says:

    if nibiru comes and se us so advance he prob kill us

  22. mlivingstone1 Says:

    they must have just decided to stop the calander there because they couldve just got sik of the calander and they could of got more people to keep on goin on with it with there family or different people those dum ass mayan people

  23. naap3 Says:

    wakeupproject DOT (om /// then click video’s than click the arivals watch all the vids and your mind is open 😉 peace

  24. MrRustyCactus Says:

    this is what they said ’bout year 2000 anyone remember?

  25. jonDgr8 Says:

    …as long as humas consume the planet faster than the planet can regenetrate ,,,the cycle of self destruction/oblteration will repeat itself over and over…it is an inevitable and a mathematical fact! WE MUST MAINTAIN A BALANCE!!

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