Traveling – An Easy Way to Move Your Assemblage Point

Sun, Sep 6, 2009

Power Journey, Toltec Path

The Portal

The Portal

A core focus on the Toltec path is expanding your perception of self and the world around you. People perceive so little of what is. Just beyond the average person’s perception are entire worlds of beauty, energy, and love. Experience follows perception, and if you want your life to transform and experience the wonder and mystery of life, you need to free up and expand your perception.  The first Mastery on the Toltec path is The Mastery of Awareness. As you become more aware, you collapse time and free yourself from the laws of form. Increasing your awareness enables you to perceive, not only different realities, but to perceive the greater Self that you are in magnificent ways. One of the easiest and most enjoyable ways of freeing up your perception is to travel, or simply spend time away from where you live or habitually spend time.

My wife Kalyn and I travel frequently. I am writing this from the beautiful town of San Miguel de Allende in Mexico where we have been living the last month. The town is full of colors, sounds, wonderful food, friendly people, colonial style buildings, cobblestone streets, and language – all different from where I live. Here I am continually surrounded by an environment ‘foreign’ to my habitual surroundings back home.

When driving in Mexico, for example, one must let go of their notions of how to drive, who yields when, speed, distances between cars…it is all very different. San Miguel de Allende is a City with a population of 140,000 people. There are accordingly many cars, but in the main part of the City, there are no traffic signals! Yet traffic flows in seemingly magical ways. When driving you must let go of the rules of driving, written and unwritten ones, you have from your home country, otherwise you will not get very far (and you risk pissing off a lot of people). In North America, for example, if you are entering a main street from a small side street, you wait until there is a break in traffic before you proceed. Pull out in front of someone and you are likely to see a finger pointed at you in a not so pleasant way. Not so in San Miguel de Allende. Here you must pull out in front of oncoming cars. They will not stop for you, but will slow down just enough to let you in. If you wait until there are no cars coming to pull out onto the main highway, people get angry because they will have slowed down for you and you didn’t go. You are expected to pull out in front of oncoming cars!

When traveling, your psyche is bombarded by newness. This affects you in profound ways. In Toltec terms, your perception is held by your assemblage point. In simple terms, the assemblage point takes the infinite All That Is, or the Nagual, and holds a position in it that determines your perception. You do not perceive outside of the position held by your assemblage point.  Part of what holds your assemblage point in a certain position is your surroundings. When you change your surroundings, as you do when traveling, you enable your assemblage point to Flow, freeing up your perception. When your assemblage point becomes fluid, you are able to move and live in the Golden Flow of the now moment. The Source that you are (Toltecs refer to your Source or Higher Self as the Dreamer), can move freely through you and into your life. Your creativity is enhanced and your desires are empowered enabling you to manifest what your dreams, hopes and desires. This is an important part of the Law of Attraction, and is a key many miss.

Have you ever wondered why writers often travel and live in different countries? Now you know. Traveling frees up the assemblage point allowing increased perception and creative flow. This is one reason coffee shops are so popular. Getting out of your home and sipping on a cup of coffee frees up your psyche and expands your view of the world.

Several times a year, Kalyn and I take people on transformative Power Journeys to Sacred Sites such as Teotihuacan. We also take people on Golden Flow Dream cruises. Why? Because we have found that traveling is one of the most powerful and quickest ways to transformation.

Travel and Transform your life.


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