How To Use Energy to be Successful in Life – A Toltec Perspective

Thu, Jun 25, 2009

The Flow

Living in The Flow

Living in The Flow

According to the Toltec Path, success in life comes through the mastery of energy.  A warrior always works energy with elegance. I define elegance here as using energy in the most efficient and artful way. At Toltec understands how energy works and the energetic laws of the Nagual. A warrior works with energetic laws instead of working against the laws, which is what the average person often does.

If you push someone what happens? Chances are they will push back. If you grab someone’s hand and pull them, what happens? They pull away from you. If someone is needy and is grasping at you for your love and attention, what do you do? Most people pull away. Grasping at something you want can actually stop you from having it. Repelling something you don’t want, can make it push at you even harder.

People grasp and repel in many arenas in life. They grasp at things they want. They grasp at receiving pleasure. They repel people and things they don’t like. What they don’t realize is that the constant grasping and repelling, not only creates the outcome they don’t want, but puts them in a lot of stress and drains their energy.

In personal development, grasping and repelling will stop you in your tracks. You can’ heal something you avoid looking at. If you avoid and deny that you have an alcohol problem, for example, the problem will persist, or get worse. It is only through shining the transformative light of awareness on something that it can heal and be integrated.

If you wish to manifest your hopes, dreams and desires and activate the Law of Attraction, the best state to do this in is being in the flow of life. You must allow what you desire to be, not grasp at it. Grasping at something implies that you don’t have it. If you don’t energetically have it first, you won’t have it in form.

When you allow both the good and the bad without grasping and repelling, you enter into the the powerful flow of the now moment that flows through self and all of life. You naturally move into a state of well being that is more aligned with your desires manifest, activating the Law of Attraction.
There is a powerful Japanese martial art form called Aikido. Ai means harmony. Ki means spirit. Do means ‘the way of’ or ‘the road to’. In other words, Aikido means ‘the way of harmonized spirit’. The key difference between Aikido and other martial arts is that you don’t repel or block a person attacking you, you flow with the punch or kick, using the energy of their momentum for yourself.

This is an example of an elegant use of energy and is what the Toltec warrior strives for every day.

Do this in your life and you will have more energy to manifest what you wish to manifest. Instead of resisting things you don’t like and pushing them away, simply allow them to flow through you and dissipate. This puts you in the universal flow of life as you move into living in the now moment.

Be aware of where you are grasping at things in life. Imagine having your desires manifest. Grow the sensation of your desires manifest in your inner world. Do this without grasping at them and you allow them to move from being to having. Grasping prevents the having. For example, if you wish more abundance in your life, imagine yourself being abundant. Imagine what you will buy, what you will do, and most importantly how good you will feel with your abundance. If you are grasping at it, it means you don’t yet have it. Let the grasping go and have it in your inner world (your thoughts, feelings and imagination). As you do this you open the door to having it in your outer world as well.

Living in the Flow has other advantages. One obvious one is that when you are not repelling or grasping at things in life, you have more energy, and less stress. You are more relaxed and because of this are able to get more done in less time. One can only surmise that living a relaxed, stress free life with more energy would be better for your health and longevity.

Want to increase your well-being and more powerfully activate the Law of Attraction in your life? Be aware of where you grasp and repel in your life. Consciously let the grasping and repelling go. Allow whatever is to be. As you do so, you begin to live in the Flow where all good things reside.

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