Speed Up Your Spiritual Growth Through Intent

Sun, Jul 5, 2009


Columns at Chichen Itsa

Columns at Chichen Itsa

“Setting your Intent to do your best in the life circumstances you came into and created is one of the quickest ways to liberation.”

One of the quickest ways to speed up your growth path is to harness the power of Intent. Spiritual Mastery is living in alignment to Intent. Living in alignment to Intent means your thoughts, feelings and actions are in accord to your Intent.

Intent is a powerful force that permeates all of Creation. It is spoken of in different forms of religions and growth paths. Ancient Toltecs speak of the Intent of the Nagual, for example. In Christianity the Intent of the Creator is held by the Holy Spirit. By tapping into and aligning to Intent, the power of Intent becomes available to us to speed up our personal growth and spiritual evolution.

What is Intent? Intent consists of two things – will and purpose. Will is a force that originates beyond the Soul or Dreamer. All of creation contains will. All living things have the will to live, for example. It is the gift of will that keep our bodies functioning – breathing, pumping blood and keeping itself healthy. The body does this naturally without our interference. Mentally, it would be impossible to keep track of all the functions the body does.

As humans, we are also given the free will to make choices. After a certain point, healing, growing and spiritually evolving does not occur naturally. We must choose to make it happen. We must engage our will along with our purpose and Intend to make it happen.

When people begin a spiritual path, too often they begin with the wrong Intent. Many begin a spiritual path in hopes it will relieve their pain, for example. It is true that a spiritual path leads to the ultimate freedom. Part of this freedom is the freedom from pain and suffering. However, the path to ultimate freedom inevitably has painful experiences on its way. To heal is sometimes painful. Often it is the very pain of healing that is the catharsis for spiritual growth. Choosing to move through the pain instead of trying to avoid it will lead to rapid growth.

If your sole Intent is relief from pain, you will continually try to avoid painful experiences and making healing impossible. Healing is a prerequisite for a true spiritual path. We must, at least to a substantial degree, have healed self in order to live the Divine in our daily lives. If your Intent is in its proper place – to grow and evolve spiritually, you will be more willing to go through the pain sometimes necessary to heal and grow. This doesn’t mean that a spiritual path is all about pain. It is not. There are both painful and blissful experiences as you advance on your path. Moreover, as you heal, grow and evolve you become free from emotional wounding and the pains of life.

Others embark on a spiritual path to avoid life. They don’t want to deal with making money, relationships and daily living. This too is the wrong Intent. One trait of a spiritual master is that they have dominion over self and life. Dominion is not the same as domination. What good is it if you are not able to manifest and live your spirituality in your daily life? A spiritual master has personal power. Along with personal power comes abundance and the ability to have a positive impact on the people and life around them.

Life is the playing field for developing personal power. If you find yourself avoiding people and life, you are slowing down your spiritual growth. There is a reason why you came into body – why you came into this life. If you avoid life, people and the world around you, you are not fulfilling your purpose. You cannot fully heal in solitude. You can never empower yourself around people if you avoid being near them. You will not be able to manifest your hopes, dreams and desires in life if you avoid life.

Realizing that you came into this body for a reason, that you were born to the parents you were for a reason, that you were born into the society you were for a reason, and that you were born into this timeframe for a reason, is important. Setting your Intent to do your best in the life circumstances you came into and created is one of the quickest ways to liberation. Set your Intent to embrace your life every moment of every day and you will soon find your life purpose.

Take the time to honestly look at your Intent. Refine it and remember it as you live life. As you align your daily Intent, to the bigger Intent of why you came into this lifetime, which will be aligned to the Intent of the Nagual or Creation, you have the power of heaven and earth behind you.

Each and every morning, before you start your day, find your Intent for that day. What is it you wish to heal, grow, or strengthen in self? To the best degree you are able, find your bigger purpose for coming into body, and set your Intent to align to that purpose as you live your day. As you do this consistently, you will strengthen your will and begin to harness the infinite power of Intent. You will find self and your life begin to transform in miraculous ways.

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