Mayan 2012 Prediction.

Fri, Apr 30, 2010

2012 Mayan Calendar

Short film about the Mayan prediction for 2012 and some of there discoveries in science, This video is edited from a childrens program ?

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25 Responses to “Mayan 2012 Prediction.”

  1. kpchu1 Says:


  2. col1n1234 Says:


  3. kpchu1 Says:

    The date you give have any special meaning?

  4. col1n1234 Says:

    Please watch:
    Ian Lungold – Secrets of the Mayan Calendar Unveiled,
    there are 38 parts, Very interesting, but some of his last video’s he predicts what will happen, filmed 2004,
    I am sorry I was one day off, Feb 10th 2011 is when we move to the 1st Day of the last Cosmic cycle

  5. col1n1234 Says:

    Hope you find some Links,
    I know 2012 is the year of the Dragon, I hope we dont meet any, :o)
    Also try this site and put in your birth date, after watching his videos,
    All my best,

  6. kpchu1 Says:

    Thanks,i will do some study!
    but i think that all i can do for the world is to be a vegetarian.

    Best wishes,

  7. itsRaymond Says:

    vegetarians are bad for the world…

  8. sasukeuchih0 Says:

    means YOUR GONNA DIE and your going to heavean 😀

  9. morfman1990 Says:

    to put it in simple terms, December 21, 2012 is simply the first day of the 14th b’ak’tun. which was the equivilant of 144,000 earth days. the christian calendar follows a system different then that of the mayans, but after this date of 2012 it will be used in western coulture.

  10. freakwipe Says:

    omg this is so fukin unexplaining -.-
    my channel has the right one and the world aint gonna end, only a series of disasters which of some, are already happening!

  11. Rhagedx86 Says:

    Pause at 4:35
    Wat Waz Zat!

  12. Candystrap Says:

    Poeple are right…the calender is just going to reset just like our own every year. We have been predicting the end of the world since humans existed lol. Dont think we will ever know the real date and can only try and guess. Besides… Mayans sacrificed their people to the gods ….just because they did you dont see use doing it. So why would we trust some calender that “supposedly” predicts the end of time. (which it’s not)

  13. sharmon23 Says:

    the reason why every one thinks the world will end is because the date
    december 12 2012 is the day the mayan calender ends

  14. 1redpill4u1 Says:

    If you want to see how it all works type into Youtube old world secrets the omega project codes, its all about the zodiac. (Its a Killer)

  15. sephiroth7655 Says:

    No one will know the day or time it will come like a thief in the night.

  16. sephiroth7655 Says:

    @sharmon23 actually it december 21rst and thats my moms birthday and I dont believe it will end either but that would suck if it did on her birthday lol.

  17. sharmon23 Says:

    @sephiroth7655 yah i no
    ps. i meant to say 21st but my keybords’ messsed up

  18. knabedogg Says:

    If the Mayan where so prophetic why didn’t they see Cortez coming?

  19. gunzt3rkenfu92 Says:


    Try reading my comment again sport. Remember to enunciate the words you don’t understand =].

  20. tommy0135 Says:

    why is she using a telescope during a storm..?

  21. PantsThatDontFit Says:

    this old jewish brit is telling me the secrets of the Mayan calender?
    Not hardly

  22. twelverainbow Says:

    Do you ever heard that the human sacrifice was never part of mayan ritual?Its came from aztecs who conquered the mayans and then started to sacrificed them to theyr god while overtook theyr science – it was the doom of mayas & the end of theyr culture.They remain now just in small groups in middle american jungles.And now,when ancient mayas not here to defend theyr honor,how many people speaking bullshit about the mayans&aztecs as they did the same things.Sory but its a twisted slander.

  23. OzKenshi Says:

    @ knabedog…..they did prophesize bearded gods coming across the seas….down to the EXACT DAY

  24. cushingbro Says:

    Ok to start off with im a christian, southern baptist. And what im trying to convince people that at December 21 2012, is not going to be the end of the world. In the bible it says that only god know’s when the end of the world is coming not even Jesus no’s.

  25. gentlebrit Says:

    If anyone if freaked out by the 2012 bullshit, check out Penn and Tellers 2012 take on it, you will laugh your tits off

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