Having it All

Wed, Apr 1, 2009

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Having It All

Earlier in my spiritual path I would sometimes look at a person I considered to be further along than myself on their growth path and wonder. I noticed how life seemed to flow for them. I saw how life provided for them in seemingly miraculous ways. On occasion I would even get angry with Spirit saying, ‘why can’t I have what they have!’

Well, now I have what they have and more. Now, I hear the voices of others wondering what I wondered. On the spiritual side, there is the beautiful connection and love from Unseen Friends from other realms. On the human side, there is the incredible love and connection I have with my wife Kalyn, and now the new little life of my one year old daughter, Xelha. On the spiritual side, there is the abundance of guidance and help, and on the human side there is the abundance in form – a beautiful home, land and financial well being. I hear the voices of others wondering and I know they can have it to.

You can have it too. You can have that conscious connection to the Divine and have your deepest desires manifested. The secret to doing so is not complicated. It is really quite simple, not easy, but simple. It has to do with living from Who you are with a capital ‘W’.

Who you are exists at your core. It carries your purpose for coming into body and holds all the tools you require to achieve your Unfulfilled Intent and purpose. Who you are is huge – so much bigger than the personality self. Moreover, it is fully connected to Source from which flows the river of Universal Flow. When you are in Universal Flow you are connected to your Divinity.

When you are in Universal Flow, there is less efforting in life. Like a large river, the current is infinitely more powerful than you the personality. As you align to the Universal Flow of your life, you tap into this power. Not only do you know your purpose and can align to it, you have the powerful current of Universal flow moving you along to the ultimate fulfillment of your Unfulfilled Intent.

So what stops you from a conscious connection to Who you are? Why do you sometimes feel alone? Why is life often a struggle? At a very young age you disconnected from Who you are. Your personality fragmented and you split off from your core self. Fragmentation occurs when a need isn’t met. When a young child’s need isn’t met emotional wounding occurs and the personality splits. Each time the personality splits you fragment off further away from Who you are. The beginning of a spiritual path is simply returning to Who you are so that you can live in the Universal Flow of your life.

We exist in a time where there are much dysfunction and suffering in the world. The dysfunction is pandemic. Everyone is infected and has been infected for many generations. This condition is a major source for suffering in the world. Whether it be an individual’s suffering or a multinational war, more times than not the disease of dysfunction is the culprit. Because dysfunction has been so deeply embedded for so many generations, it is often unseen. What is considered the norm in society can be a very dysfunctional state.

On a spiritual level, dysfunction in the form of emotional wounding is what separates us from Who we are. This happens at a young age. The first time a young child’s need is not met, their personality fragments off from Who they are and ego is formed. If a one year old needs love, touch and attention, but for whatever reason his or her mother or father is unable to give it when needed, their personality fragments and splits off from Who they are. The One year old is not capable of meeting their needs on their own. Nor is she or he capable of processing the pain when the need is not met.

A young child cannot feed or cloth itself. They cannot love themselves. They are utterly dependent upon their caregiver to meet their needs. No matter how good intentioned the mother or father may be, due to their own disease of dysfunction they will not be able to meet the child’s needs absolutely. A father may not be able to handle the baby’s crying and get angry with the child. As a child’s chakra system is completely open, the baby will take in the angry energy, but will not be able to process it. Fragmentation of the personality occurs.

Society itself often aggravates the disease of dysfunction. Child rearing customs, for example, keep the condition live and well. In many western countries, including the United States, from an early age, often from the time a baby is a few months old, the child is forced to sleep alone separate from other humans. How often has a mother wept sitting outside the room of her baby as she hears her baby crying for the touch of its mother. The mother’s heart is in pain knowing the pain her baby is suffering. Her heart knows that there is something wrong with forcing a baby to cry itself to sleep. But her head, conditioned by society, tells her that this will make her baby strong and independent.

Many cultures, such as the Japanese, raise children very differently. A young child never sleeps alone, for example. The baby sleeps with the parents. A toddler may sleep with their parents, grandparents or other siblings. The basic needs of touch, attention and love are met. I spent several years living in Japan and this isn’t to say that Japan doesn’t have dysfunction. Their culture is also infected. But, it is no surprise that there is less crime, less police per capita than other mainstream countries, and less divorce. . .

The first step on a spiritual path is to return to your Core Self – to Who you are. This step is often ignored or unknown by spiritual schools, which is why so many people have been on a spiritual path for years, but are still experiencing the same problems and suffering in life. Returning back to your Core Self requires healing and integrating the personality fragments. I have seen people who have come very far on their path fall back down because they are snagged by a fragmented personality that takes over. I know people who are able to access higher realms and guidance – who are spiritually connected – but keep falling down struggling to move forward, due to unhealed aspects of self that hold them down. I have seen others who have been on a spiritual path for many years trying this technique or that but who are still not fulfilled and who feel like they still haven’t found the key to propel them to the next level.

In the Mystery School healing is a clear cut process. It is meeting those unmet needs from childhood self-to-self. To do so one must first be aware of what needs were unmet. In the Mastery of Awareness there is emphasis on liberating, strengthening and heightening awareness.

The next step after the Mastery of Awareness is the Mastery of Transformation. In the Mastery of Transformation work on integrating the personality fragments is done. At the same time there is energetic work on one’s chakra system. When one has done sufficient healing and integration they become aware of their life issue and purpose. In the Mystery School we call this Unfulfilled Intent. Unfulfilled Intent is what we come into this lifetime to fulfill. A key difference between healing and Unfulfilled Intent is that healing corrects the wounding that occurred in this lifetime, usually at a very young age. Life purpose or Unfulfilled Intent is an energy you bring into this lifetime to be refined. As you refine this energy you grow and evolve.

The trick is that you will not know what your Unfulfilled Intent is until you have sufficiently integrated your personality fragments and started to return to your Core Self. The energy of your Life Purpose is contained in your Core Self and you cannot see it until you have returned to it. In the Mastery of Transformation work on becoming aware of your Life Purpose or Unfulfilled Intent begins.

The next step is the Mastery of Intent. It can also be called the Mastery of Love. This is where one works on fulfilling their Life Purpose. Work in the energetic realm, what Toltecs call the 2nd attention becomes important. Here we work with Energy Essences.

The Mastery of Intent is really the beginning of a spiritual path because you are working from the river of Who you are. You are connected to Higher aspects of Self who co-create your life through you. Your personality, Higher aspects of Self and Unseen Friends work together as one integral whole. When this happens, your life brings wonderful probabilities and opportunities in alignment to your deepest desires and Life Purpose. Love, abundance, connection, inner guidance, peace and dominion are some of the essences that become manifest in your everyday life.

What is the biggest block to spirituality? What prevents people from finding their way? What is the primary cause of people losing their way? It is resistance to connecting with others. You simply cannot do a spiritual path on your own. The timeframe we live in is too dense to do so. The central core that keeps ego alive is separation. As long as ego has you convinced that you can walk this path alone, ego has you where it wants you. No matter how much meditation, how many spiritual practices you do, if you give in to your resistance to connect with other humans of like mind, you will either slow your growth down or stop it all together.

This is the reason why traditionally the only way to progress spiritually was to join an ashram, or monastery. By doing so you were able to connect to people with the same Intent as you. And you were able to connect to people further along in their path as you. You were able to connect with a guru, master or nagual who gave you guidance on many different levels.

In current times, it is not necessary to join an ashram and be isolated from society. But it still is necessary to be connected to a group of people with a common Intent for spiritual growth and evolution. Ego is part of the collective consciousness of humankind. It exists in you the individual but is much bigger than you the individual. And it has existed and strengthened for hundreds of thousands of lifetimes. The only way to escape from ego is to align and connect to something bigger than you as an individual. You cannot fight ego alone. The fact that you have resistance to connecting to a group, when the very nature of your Higher Self exists in a state of collective consciousness, shows that ego has you.

You must find a School or way that resonates with you and then connect to it. Often people will come to the Mystery School and sign up for the Mastery of Awareness. However, they are content to do the lessons that are emailed to them and never fully connect to the group. They succumb to their resistance and miss out on the powerful help that is available. Those who do connect find help in ways they couldn’t have imagined. Not only is there guidance and the power of the group that comes from a common Intent, but there is the realm of Unseen Divine Friends who are part of the School tirelessly working to help those who are open to it. The guidance and knowledge that is given to senior students cannot be found in books. As it is personal for that person and directed to the particular time and place they are on their path it is powerful. The Mystery School is a Direct Knowledge school. Direct Knowledge is living and changes according to where a person is on their path.

Who you are exists on a level beyond time and space. Who you are is connected to the Who of all other humans. Who you are exists on a level where there is no separation. Another key to unlock your connection to Who you are is to realize you are not separate from other humans. When you take on a body you become individual but not separate. Your little finger of your right hand is not separate from the little finger of your left hand. It is individual, but not separate. You too are connected to the bigger body of humanity. It would cause your body extreme pain if your little finger decided to cut itself off from you to become separate. Many people do just this – they believe the ego, which tells them they are separate and they cut themselves off from Who they are. Just as your little finger would die if it cut itself off from Who it is, the person who cuts them self off from Who they are and separates them self from other people lives a lifetime that will die and pass out of existence from Who they are.

All of the wonderful things you have heard about self-realization, enlightenment on a spiritual path do exist. But they exist at your Core Self – Who you are. Do the work to heal and return to your Core. Look at your resistance to connecting and don’t succumb to it. The benefits are far greater than anything you could ever imagine.

You can have it all.


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