Free Video -The Toltec Art of Seeing Beyond Time and Space

Mon, Jul 6, 2009

In this video I am discussing a fun topic – that which Toltecs call ‘seeing’.

Seeing is the ability to perceive what is without limitations to space and time. This is very useful when working with a Toltec teacher as a teacher that can ‘see’ is able to see energetic probabilities that are coming your way so that you can do what you need to do to prepare
for them. This can speed up your path immensely.

Seeing is a by-product of diligently walking the Toltec Path. In the books by the late Carlos Castaneda’s seeing is a frequent subject of conversation with don Juan. A Nagual’s ability to see is often perceived as an amazing ability by the apprentices, and from the perspective of the average person, indeed it is. However, seeing is a natural by-product of diligently following a path such as the Toltec.

I am intentionally using the word ‘by-product’ as a common mistake of people on the Toltec path is to pursue seeing as an end in and of
itself. And, by doing so, they bypass the very work that enables one to see. It is through the cleaning, clearing, healing and strengthening the human tonal, and by raising one’s frequency that the capacity to see manifests.

Seeing is a wonderful ability to have. In the video I mention how it has helped me, even in the stock market. But, again, it isn’t the goal of the Toltec path in and of itself. The goal of the Toltec Path is to grow, evolve and empower the self that you are. Seeing is a fantastic by-product of the journey.

In the next couple of days, I will be sending you another video containing more knowledge on the Toltec Path.

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