Nagual Series VII

Sun, Feb 15, 2009

Reconnecting with Power

Humans are the only species that have a peculiar tendency to disconnect themselves from that which they are. We do this through our ideas, concepts, and beliefs. We literally create worlds that exist only ‘in our heads’ and convince ourselves that they are real.
This is not only an incredible waste of energy (we spend what little energy we have into maintaining our little worlds), but by placing our identities in the false worlds we have created, we cut ourselves off from our source – our Dreamer and the Nagual.
Other species do not suffer from this malady. They are what they are.  There is no pretension. They do not form beliefs and worlds based on  beliefs. They are connected to earth, nature, their essence.  This is why Shamans value their connection with the earth. It is part of what they truly are.
We read books, we hear ideas, we form opinions which all eventually crystallize into beliefs. We place our identity in these beliefs and defend them with a passion. We take it personally when someone confronts these beliefs because we have now convinced ourselves that the beliefs are our own. The reality is that 99.9% of the average man’s ideas, opinions and beliefs have come from a source outside of them. There is no originality. The only thing original is how the particular individual put the ideas, concepts and beliefs together to form the world he or she lives in. What motivates and compels the person to take on certain beliefs is the emotional wounds that person carries around in their subconscious.
As Toltec warriors we are given tools to free ourselves from ourselves. We are given tools to reclaim stuck emotional energy that binds us, and is the glue holding our belief system together. One such tool is the recapitulation. In the Mastery of Awareness we are given tools to become aware of our habitual patterns and beliefs. With the Mastery of Transformation (stalking) we are given tools such as stalking to begin to transform our beliefs and eventually transcend our beliefs when we move to the Mastery of Intent.
The nagual don Miguel Ruiz gave us a couple tools that can be used in the daily life of a warrior to free up our assemblage point. First, don’t believe anybody, including yourself. Second, don’t make assumptions. This second tool is similar to a tool my out-of-body teachers used to tell me – never draw conclusions. Energetically, when you make an assumption or draw a conclusion you have stopped the flow.  You are no longer receptive.  When you are no longer receptive you are blind because you can’t see. Our mental bodies love to draw conclusions and fit that conclusion into our already established belief system.
The Toltec warrior when working the Mastery of Transformation chooses consciously the belief s he wishes to be part of his inventory. However, as he moves closer to the Mastery of Intent he begins to drop all beliefs. When you enter the Mastery of Intent your actions are motivated, not from your beliefs, but from Intent flowing through your Dreamer.
Eight years ago my out-of-body teachers told me that they would no longer give me answers, but that they would show me answers through my life.  I didn’t understand at the time what they meant by this.  I was also upset as I loved being able to ask any question I wanted and getting an incredible answer. It seemed as though they were cutting me off.
What my teachers were referring to is living your life aligned to your Dreamer. Your Dreamer is much much larger than you, the dreamed. And your Dreamer is much much more powerful. Your Dreamer carries Intent. As you align to your Dreamer, your Dreamer literally begins to create your life for you. Your life becomes your teacher. You learn through experiences, not hearsay, books, etc. When you learn through the experiences brought through your life by your Dreamer you gain power.  Learning from books and hearsay is empty and powerless.
Actually, to be more correct, you don’t learn from your experiences in life, you grow from them. You graduate from the mode of learning, which comes through books and hearsay, to the mode of growth. Eventually you will move into the mode of evolution (growth = horizontal flow and evolution = vertical flow). But the subject of evolution is beyond this post.
As long as we are disconnected from that which we are (the dreamed, an aspect of our Dreamer), we are disconnected from our source. Power cannot teach us through life when we are disconnected from our Self.  We remain powerless and lost in false worlds of our own making. We may be great philosophers but are impotent in life for we have no personal power.
It’s time to move beyond our beliefs.  It’s time to stop taking at face value what we hear or read and then worse, convincing ourselves it is our own idea, or is in agreement with our belief system. When you free yourself from your beliefs and your false worlds you are able to return to that which you truly are. It is only from this place that power can truly work through you, as you truly only exist at this place.

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