Nagual Series VI

Sun, Feb 15, 2009

The Path of Destiny

It is only when you embark on the Path of Destiny that true spiritual evolution begins. When we begin our spiritual path we are on a path of growth. Growth is a horizontal flow. Evolution is a vertical flow. When we are working on the Masteries of Awareness and Transformation we are in our growth. We are working horizontally in the Tonal. The Mastery of Intent marks the beginning of evolution. We are working vertically with the energy of our Dreamer, which comes to us through intent.

We must complete a substantial amount of growth before we can evolve. Growth is working with our beliefs, patterns, and healing our wounds. For most this is a life-long process. Most who are on a spiritual path are on a path of growth and never truly reach the path of evolution. Most never reach the point where they can begin their Path of Destiny.

Our Dreamer determines our destiny before we take on a physical body. We, the dreamed, are given the tools to embark on our destiny but due to the density of this particular time frame, it is very difficult. Many believe they create their reality and are in control of their destiny. In fact this is one of the first belief systems often taught to us by baby metaphysics. We are the dreamed. Our Dreamer is much, much larger than us. On the level of destiny the Dreamer is the one in control. As the leaf is a part of the tree, we are part of our Dreamer. However we are a part with a ‘mind of its own’. It is this mind of ours with its beliefs, wounds, patterns, attitudes and ego that get us into trouble and convince us that we are separate from that which we really are, our Dreamer.

When I was 19 I had my first spiritual awakening. It was a very intense time. I was having out-of-body experiences and was obsessed with reading any metaphysical or spiritual book I could get my hands on. This was the beginning of the core line of probability in my life. However I splintered off from this core line of probability and lived the next 19 years of my life fooling myself that I was being spiritual. In reality I was living a life of power and control totally separated from everybody, and most of all completely separated from my core self.

At the age of 36 I had a second awakening. I was literally given a 2nd chance. I took it but the ensuing processes of stripping myself of all the false structure I had built in both my inner and outer world nearly killed me. It was a very painful process. I was given the opportunity to get back on my core line of probability. It took 8 years of grueling work to get myself back onto my core line of probability and to a place where I am beginning to walk the Path of Destiny.

When you begin the Path of Destiny your life changes dramatically. Eight years ago I was told by my out of body teachers (actually they never have been human) that I was destined to move to Colorado and become a reality worker. They said that when this happened I would not lack for money. They also said that there was another probability where I would die in my mid 40’s. Well, when they told me this I had trouble accepting what they said. First of all I didn’t want to be a reality worker. A reality worker is one who works with and in the dream of the planet, the dream of hell that is the mass-conscious reality of our modern day society. A reality worker is often a businessman or a politician. I had been a businessman and wanted to give it all up to try to make a living in metaphysics, separate from the dream of the planet. I did in fact quit my job. It was all down hill from there. The next 8 years were the most painful in my life. But through the pain I grew and healed.

It was 2 years ago when the shift occurred. My then wife (who was also my spiritual teacher) and I had recently divorced. And while it should have been a sad time I actually felt more happy and content than I had ever felt in my life. If the divorce had occurred a year before I would have been devastated. But I had reached the point in my growth to where I was ready for it. Within 2 months I met the most wonderful woman of my life to who I have been married to for a year. Even before I met her she had an uncontrollable urge to move to Colorado which we did last November. I was beginning to see my destiny start to unfold. I was hesitant about quitting my job and moving but just at that time I learned that my company had decided to fold its doors. I was able to negotiate a good severance package. Again the timing was perfect.

We moved and I began to look for a new job. I was only able to secure an interview with one company. I interviewed and the job seemed what I was looking for and it paid very well. They seemed to like me as well. They asked me to call them after the holiday season was over for another interview. My wife and I took a trip to Mexico at the beginning of January. It was a 2-week trip and we were visiting Toltec pyramids. At the end of the trip I became very ill. By the time we got back to Denver I was sicker than I had ever been in my life. I put off going to the Doctor as I thought I could cure myself, and, I didn’t want to use up all of our savings as we didn’t have medical insurance and I wasn’t working yet. After a week had past I was hardly conscious and my wife took me to a Doctor. He saw immediately that I had pneumonia put me on heavy antibiotics. He said that if I had waited any longer I would have surely died.

The antibiotics stopped me from getting worse but I wasn’t getting any better. This continued for 3 months. After over 30 chest x-rays and 2 CAT scans they found that I had an abscess attached to my lung. It was the size of a hockey puck and had calcified so it had a very hard shell, which stopped my immune system and the antibiotics from penetrating it. They immediately took me into surgery. The surgeon who removed it said it was amazing I lasted as long as I did with such a large infection inside.

Well, I realized that I had come in touch with my probability of dying in my mid-forties. My out of body teachers subsequently told me that I was processing through the deepest part of my core pattern in life. In some cases core patterns can manifest as a physical illness. This is pre-coded in our DNA by our Dreamer. If we are not at a certain level of growth this ‘time bomb’ can be activated at a pre-determined age and we can die from it.

Well after the surgery I recovered very quickly but still didn’t have a job and our savings were running out. However I knew deep inside I was on my Path of Destiny and never worried or fretted about it (very different than what I was like in similar situations several years before). I had planned to meet with the company I had interviewed with at the end of the year, again in January upon returning from Mexico. I called them at the end of January and they told me they were still interested in me, but now the job wasn’t ready yet and it may be a few more months until it was ready. I was very disappointed but, of course being sick I couldn’t have worked anyway. I called them in February and March and got the same story. I was released from surgery April 1st and called the company several times and they said the same thing. By the 3rd week in April I was feeling nearly recovered from the surgery and called the company again as I was anxious to get a job. (I had tried to get other interviews with other companies but had been unsuccessful in getting even one.) When I called the company part of me was doubting if they really had a job opening. I called and they said, “Can you start tomorrow?”

Well, it was again confirmed to me that I was on my Path of Destiny. The job became available precisely when I was able to work. The money was good. I enjoy the job even though it definitely requires me to be a reality worker. I already received a raise after only 2 weeks on the job.

All of this is becoming so much more that I could have created alone. In fact, if it were left to me I wouldn’t have created it this way. I would have created something much less fulfilling. When we allow our Dreamer to create through us we are truly fulfilled. We are fulfilled because we are fulfilling the destiny determined for us before we took on these bodies. We are in the flow of destiny and our lives begin to unfold in seemingly miraculous ways. This doesn’t mean we don’t need to do our work. We do. In fact the work and the challenges become even more intense. But as we reclaim our power we are able to handle the work much easier. In this way we truly become co-creators. This is the Master of Dreaming, co-creating the dream we truly desire.

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