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Sat, Jun 6, 2009

Toltec Path

Head Up Ass

Head Up Ass

Those who have read stories about don Juan from Castaneda and Abelar may recall don Juan speaking about perceiving from the knees. In our natural state we can actually perceive from several different parts of the body, one primary place is the anus. It is part of the body?s powerful instinctive function. Unfortunately, because we are a society that lives so much in its head, we have lost much of the body?s magic. On a spiritual path the consequences of this are anything but positive.

When looking at the typical person through energetic eyes, what we see is a large coagulation, or gridlock of energy around the mental body. This gridlock consists of many years of beliefs, and stale knowledge from things like reading too many books and too much studying without application. This last point is by far the biggest downfall of those on a spiritual path. They stuff their head with so much knowledge but apply very little of it. The result is the incapacity to see anything clearly and due to the self-importance that typically accompanies such learning there is little hope that the person will be able to make any movement in their growth, because to do so would mean they would have to begin applying what they know at the beginner level. No matter how much you know, if you haven?t applied the knowledge no growth can occur. And, no matter how much you know, you must always start the application from the very beginning. The path of learning, and the path of application are two separate paths. Learning can never replace application. There is really very little you need to learn. But you must apply every moment of your existence.

Too much knowledge without application causes cognitive deprivation. Once an aspirant goes too far into cognitive deprivation there is little hope they can be rehabilitated. They believe that they already UNDERSTAND the work and therefore have advanced in the work. UNDERSTANDING is not the goal and does not raise the level of being. KNOWING, which can only come from application (KNOWING cannot come from learning through studying), is the by-product of application ? doing the work. Cognitive deprivation is the state of believing one UNDERSTANDS the path, but in reality KNOWS very little. Ones cognition becomes dysfunctional. The dictionary defines cognition as that which come to be KNOWN, as through perception, reasoning or intuition.

A path requires action, not thinking. In order to re-connect with the body?s perception, and to break the energetic gridlock around the head that blocks the flow of the Nagual through us we can do simple actions of the body.

Anything we do to connect ourselves with the physical earth is good. This includes walking, gardening, swimming, are all examples of connecting with the earth. We should walk outside at least 45 minutes every day. We should also get some direct sun every day. Not enough to cause sunburn, but the body needs and thrives on sunlight.

A good practice is to walk with your hands in a set position that is not our mechanical position. For example, walk with your hands behind your back and your thumbs crossed. As you walk hold your awareness on your hands. This brings the energy down from your head into your body.

The gate of power as described in Castaneda?s books is also a good exercise to bring your energy down into the body.

Gardening is a great way to connect, particularly when you are squatting down with your root close to the earth. When you do this be aware of your root and your anus. Do this consistently and you are able to wake up the perception inherent in your body. Women can also focus their awareness on their vagina when gardening or squatting down. This brings awareness to the womb. Women have the ability to perceive from the womb.

When your anus begins to wake up you may find that your sense of smell becomes very keen. When perceiving through the anus you may begin to have flashes of the connectedness of nature, you may sense whether the plant next to you is thirsty or hungry, you may sense that there is an animal close by.

I now live in the country where there is silence and only starlight at night. Walking or hiking at night with no flashlight is an excellent way to bring your awareness down into your body and to wake up your instincts. This is also very good for the eyes.

In addition to re-activating your body?s instinct and perception, which opens up a wondrous world, many are not even aware of, DOING these things (not thinking about them but doing) breaks up the grid that surrounds your head and puts you back into universal flow.

There is a lot of hubbub about being in the now. However, what is much more important than simply being in the now is to be PRESENT in your body. When you are present in your body you will naturally be in the now because the body exists in the now. Your point of power is the body, not your head. THINKING you are in the now is not the same thing as BEING in the now. To truly BE in the now BE PRESENT in your BODY. It is the only way you can be in universal flow or the flow of the Nagual.

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