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Thu, Jan 14, 2010

toltec nagual gate

The Portal at Coba

The intent of this website is to offer Toltec wisdom and teachings on the Toltec Path of Direct Knowledge. Carlos Castaneda first brought the Toltec knowledge of nagualism out of secrecy in the late 1960s and ’70s. In the past few years, guides such as the nagual don Miguel Ruiz (author of The Four Agreements) and the nagual Theun Mares have brought it further into accessibility.

The Toltec Path offers the powerful tools, processes and techniques for growth, transformation and evolution. Examples of these are the recapitulation, the art of dreaming, stalking self, not-doings, stopping the world, silencing internal dialog, and controlled folly.

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toltec nagual site, Chichen Itsa
The Sacred Pyramid of Chichen Itza

However, as with any spiritual endeavor the only way to make movement on the path is through consistent application of the tools. Because of the prevalence of book learning verses application, there are considerable misperceptions as to what the path is. It is the energy behind the words written by Carlos Castaneda (sometimes misspelled as Casteneda) for example, which holds the key to Direct Knowledge. However, the only way to unlock the secrets of this energy is through the actual application of the tools.

Too many people focus on the words and only add to what Toltecs refer to as their inventory. This major detour creates a false perception that one is advancing on the path, when in fact they are only making it more difficult for themselves to make any real movement. This website offers pathways so the sincere aspirant may have a better chance of avoiding wrong turns.

The Toltec Path is about becoming true Women and Men of Knowledge. Some people confuse this with sorcery, brujos, witches and brujas, and shamanism. A Toltec Nagual is so much more than this, far beyond ordinary imagination or perception.

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  1. Atrix Says:

    They never really outright say it in the books, though they emphasize it, recapitulate is the “alchemical” component in dreaming and in finding true internal silence. I gather there is a threshold, but you really have to be filled with dedication. It sounds like it takes about 3 years of full time doing the breathing exercise to reach it. I heard one of the gurus say that the recapitulation is to easy and does not automatically give you the will to connect with the spirit, I agree but you have to start somewhere and have measurable success with SOME technique or your complacency will get the better of you. I think it is the key to achieving energetic unavailability, but it’s hard to feel it working…

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